Respectful of the different types of mental and physical challenges, David's RHYTHMS 18 Group Drumming activities and recreation programs are dedicated to providing a comfortable atmosphere and the enhancement and achievement of each clients’ full potential.  Recognizing that clients have a varying range of skills and abilities, everyone (including facility staff) is encouraged to participate at the level they are most able to and comfortable with.  What develops in the session for all is a an environment of fun, enjoyment and camaraderie.   

Each session  promotes   and fosters  social interaction via the participant’s contribution to a group dynamic through playing rhythmic instruments. The clients get to experience  reduced stress, focus, 

Using specific evidence-based protocols and methods developed as a complimentary strategy within the larger scope of wellness and health in Therapeutic Recreation and Activities programs  RHYTHMS 18 Group Drumming is for the Well Elder, Dementia Care, services to the Developmentally Challenged, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders,  Cognitive Impairment, TBI,  Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery, and At-Risk Youth programs.  Interactive Group Drumming in part, enables the energy, strength and focus necessary for an individual to meaningfully and actively contribute to a group dynamic and, to experience the cognizance of being in the moment.  Along with fostering creative self-expression it has the known benefits of reduced stress, improved self-awareness, improved motor skills, and, when used as a tool for disclosure helps to develop self-esteem, empathy and camaraderie.  

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David is also the creator and  facilitator of the 


program for children with Special needs and their families.

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being in the moment, awareness, creative self-expression, self-esteem, and improved motor skills.  As part of an evidence-based therapeutic approach, group drumming allows for the participation of people with the widest range abilities.  The choice to use hand-drums and various percussion instruments is because it creates an even playing field, and has an extremely shorter learning curve as compared with learning to play other musical instruments… Almost anyone can bang, shake or rattle something – And they do! 

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Group Drumming is a modality of Recreational Music-Making (RMM)

and is inclusive for everyone involved

David Azarch, AFA/QDCP is an approved HealthRhythms® Group Empowerment Drumming® facilitator and Alzheimers Foundation of America Qualified Dementia Care Professional working within the modality of Recreational Music Making (RMM).

Trained in Drumming and Wellness protocols, David brings the power of expression through percussion to therapeutic recreation and activities programs in the New York Metro and Tri-State area.  David is a facilitator to special needs populations including Dementia  and  Memory  Care,  teens  and  adults  with  Autism and other developmental challenges, adolescent and adult substance abuse rehabilitation and recovery programs and, At-Risk Youth programs that include the Juvenile Correctional system.  

David began playing drums in 1972 at the age of fourteen.  His interests in music, particularly rhythm led him to explore the world of hand drums and percussion instruments, along with its cultures, styles and techniques.  On a deeper level David responded to the organic connection of the hand touching the drum and how the reciprocation created an intimacy between person and sound.  The tactual nature necessary to play these instruments allowed for greater expression and potential for emotional reciprocity. 

David’s decision to become a full-time Group Drumming facilitator happened in 2006 when he volunteered to lead Drum Circles for Trail Blazers of  New York and New Jersey a not-for-profit organization founded in 1936 featuring a summer camp program for At-Risk youth.  During that summer David created a workshop program where the campers and staff used drums and percussion instruments to explore and discover self expression, communication, and awareness. The group drumming was enjoyed by the participants, received enthusiastically by the Trail Blazers organization and, for David; personally, it was “beyond fulfilling.”  David can only describe it as an “epiphany” and realized this is what he needs to do!   He began his training in various protocols such as those taught by Neurologist Dr. Barry Bittman, MD and Music Therapist Christine Stevens.. 

David founded RHYTHMS 18® in 2007. He has been a guest speaker and given demonstrations at the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, Five Boroughs Conference in New York City.  2012-2013 David served as Music Consultant for the New York Center for Living, Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery for Adolescents, Adults & Families.