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Drumming as recreational therapy.  Drumming for special needs.  Drumming for people with autism.

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Evidence based REMO HealthRhythms Facilitator. HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator.

HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming. Health Rhythms.  

Therapeutic Drumming. Therapeutic Recreation. Activities and Recreation. Drumming Activities. Special Needs. Autism. Developmental Disabilities.

At-Risk Youth. Wellness Protocols. Social Interaction. Activities for Program Directors. Activities for Recreation Departments.

Therapeutic Drumming-Activities and Recreation-Therapeutic Recreation

​David will come to your Location in New Jersey and New York City (including Westchester & Long Island) 

Therapeutic Group Drumming for

Recreational Activities

Drum Circles. Therapeutic Percussion. Therapeutic Drumming.  Recreational Music Making (RMM). Recreational Group Drumming. Recreational Drum Circles. New Jersey. New York Metro and Tri-State area.

 Therapeutic Drumming. Group Drumming. Drum Circles. Recreational Activities.  Recreational Activities for Dementia.  Recreational activities for Autism.  Recreational Activities for Special Needs.

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RHYTHMS 18 Group Drumming is a comprehensive evidence-based approach for therapeutic recreation activities in Recreational Activities and Recreational Therapy programs, enabling individuals with a varying range of skills and abilities to be actively engaged in a group dynamic and experience creativity, rhythm, enthusiasm, attentiveness, and being in the moment.

The Group Drumming Programs are for a  Wide Range  of  People  with  Special Needs in  Day Care, Rehabilitation & Nursing Centers, Assisted Living  and Residential Group Homes that serve and care for  *Seniors & Adults with Dementia *Adolescents & Adults  with ASD &  other Developmental  Challenges *At-Risk Youth   *Teens & Adults  in  Treatment & Recovery for Substance Abuse.



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